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Clicking at the Bottom of This Page Takes You to the IRS

You Will Fill Out the Following Input Screen:

IRS Get My Pmt.jpg

Then You May Receive This Notice:

IRS COVID Pmt Status.jpg

If So, Check Back the Next Day

Or, You May Get Lucky and See This:

Stimulus Payment 1.jpg

Click on "Enter Bank Information" to See This:

I have provided descriptions in the input fields as to where you will find the information IRS is looking for.

Make sure to input Every Field so that the time for your input will not expire or your input will be counted as incorrect.

If your input is incorrect THREE times you will have to wait 24 hours to input your information again.

Stimulus Payment 2.jpg

If Your Information is Incorrect, You Will See This:

Stimulus Payment 3.jpg

It is unclear what information to input if you have Amended your 2018 tax return but have not yet filed for 2019.  If IRS has processed the Amended tax return, then input the Amended amounts.  If it is still being processed you may need to wait until that process is completed.

As a CAUTIONARY NOTE:  I use EFTPS for all income tax payments and roll any refunds to the next year, so I attempted to use this process to input my direct deposit information.  I downloaded my 2018 tax return transcript from IRS and input those amounts and the "Get My Payment" website said the information was incorrect.  Typical governement operation ... square peg, round hole.

If the Direct Deposit Input Date is Past, You Will See This:

Stimulus Payment 4.jpg

Which should provide the DATE your Stimulus Check will be mailed, so watch your mailbox closely in order to prevent the possibility of someone besides YOU collecting your stimulus check.


Click Below to go to the IRS website

Stimulus Calculator icon.jpg

Once There, Click On

IRS Get My Pmt button.jpg
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