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Helpful Links

Internal Revenue Service

  • Where's My Refund

  • Forms & Publications

  • Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) - the easiest method to make estimated tax payments and pay tax liabilities.  You will need to get started with the application process about TWO weeks before your initial payment is due ... after that an EFTPS payment may be scheduled the day before it is due.

Options Education

Options-Oriented Brokerages

Small Business Accounting - QuickBooks; if you can find an older version (2010 - 2012) the user interface is much better.  There will be no support but as mentioned on the Payroll page, there are many "work-arounds" for QuickBooks payroll.  I would avoid the Online version ... most accounting/tax professionals find it much less robust that the desktop version -

QuickBooks Supplies - checks, deposit slips, account stamps and supplies at discount prices

Legal Services & Documents

  • Incorporation

  • LLC setup

  • Wills

Most extensive product/service line

Least expensive

Online Savings/Money Market Accounts

Search for higher savings/money market rates and cash-back credit cards

Above market rate savings

Market Research

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